Thank you for believing in us and fighting for Mars. We will do our best to give you the most awesome Echelon Gathering to date. Full of fun, debates, some singing, some dancing and a lot of friend-making. We would like to have this free for everyone but venues are quite expensive and there's no way we can afford all by ourselves. So thank you if you come, if you share a weekend of your life with us, if you reward us with your presence and your laugh and your emotions. We are one big family that almost never gets together.
That's why we're here.



Vici (46Echelon)
01/12/2013 8:00am

Just wanna say thanks for all your hard work on putting together this which I know is gonna amazingly awesome weekend.. can't wait to meet you all, cya on April 6th in LondonBaby ;) xx


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