Little over one month to meet you all in London, and we're at full speed now. Hope we can make it worth your while; hope everybody loves this as much as we do. The Echelon is so divided right now. Some hate the new era, some hate the old school Echelon, some can't respect the band's wishes and promote piracy. We will never agree on everything, but we need to learn how to discuss as a family. This is our purpose
We know some people don't understand the concept of the Conference. "What is it for? We can get together as Echelon anyday, anywhere." Yes, we can. But from our experience it is hard to gather more than 5, 10 people at each time. Besides getting more of "us" together, we wanted a place to discuss the state of the Echelon, to look back at what Mars accomplished, to hear stories from Echelon that come from other places of the world.

This is our purpose: getting together as a Family, not only as a group of music lovers that occasionally meets.

We want to have an unforgettable night convo on Saturday night and there are a lot of pubs and clubs around the Camden Area. Do share your experiences there if you have them, or just tell us what would you like to do. Dance to party anthems? Go to a rock bar? Drink shots till 2am? This is our night and we want to make the most of it. Come forward Echelon!
Cheers :)