Looking back to photos from last year's Conference it's impossible not to get chills. Meeting so many people from around the world, hearing about the many shades of what it means to be an Echelon, seeing how much fun people had, both at the events and the after party, it just made everything worth it. Those were magical days none of us will forget. I just hope we can make it as fun and lovely and exciting and unforgettable this year. Hopefully yes. Wherever the Echelon gets together, some pretty amazing things go down.

Thanks for being a part of this journey, whether you're coming to London or not. 

So tickets are being sold and things being arranged. We have secured a venue for the Conference and the only thing we need now is to be able to pay for it... believe me, it was a hard task. Hotels & conference facilities in London are super expensive, even worst considering how much stronger the pound is regarding the Euro and the Dollar. But we are on track and we'll announce it pretty soon :) it is in the Camden area. We're also trying to figure out some accommodation options in the area, so that we all stay close to each other and have a rocking Conference. Some people will travel earlier to London to get around the town, so if you're planning on doing so let us know!
Thank you for believing in us and fighting for Mars. We will do our best to give you the most awesome Echelon Gathering to date. Full of fun, debates, some singing, some dancing and a lot of friend-making. We would like to have this free for everyone but venues are quite expensive and there's no way we can afford all by ourselves. So thank you if you come, if you share a weekend of your life with us, if you reward us with your presence and your laugh and your emotions. We are one big family that almost never gets together.
That's why we're here.